Hi! I’m Stacy

A startup junkie & serial entrepreneur on an epic mission.

Becoming An

Expert Generalist

As a project manager turned app developer turned startup founder, I’ve mastered the art of being a jack of all trades (i.e. an “expert-generalist”). I’ve done a lot, mastered a lot, and failed a lot, but the best part is… I’m just getting started.

What I Do

A lot ๐Ÿ™ƒ I run a digital marketing and creative agency. I’m a co-founder of a tech startup in the mental health space. I consult other startup founders. And a bunch more.

What I've Done

I have a pretty eclectic background, to say the least, so my portfolio is kind of all over the place. I have an insatiable curiosity for the unknown, which usually leads down an exploratory path of too many projects. Check out what I’ve done!

Where I'm Going

2019 has been a weird year – in the most amazing way! There is a lot of exciting stuff happening and I’m still playing catch up so check back soon for all the things I’m working on!

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Helping Entrepreneurs & Startups

Whether the idea is still embedded inside your head or you’ve already launched “your baby” and just need some fuel to get over the inevitable speedbumps, Iโ€™m at your service. I believe everybody has the ability to make an impact. But sometimes, along the way, we just get “stuck”. With years of experience as a technical project manager and software developer, managing and leading technical teams across the world, and launching my own tech startup, I’ve been through it all and am here to help you navigate towards the right direction to get through it as well.


Are you a passionate & driven entrepreneur?


Got the plan and vision in place but missing the technical skills?


Stuck in a cyclical mode of analysis paralysis?


Ready to take your mission and business to the next level?


Goal Setting & Strategy

Identifying where you’re at, where you want to go, and reverse engineering the way to get there.


Process & System Development

Marketing & Branding as well as Competitive Analysis, Market Research, & more.



Building a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) or Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF) or whatever is best.



Evaluating, managing, & refining the primary five disciplines.

Quick Snapshot of
What I Do

My diverse background has given me an array of skills encompassing the technical, analytical and creative needs of a successful business. From web development to wireframing, to marketing and everything in between, you can trust thereโ€™s nothing I havenโ€™t done to make sh*t happen and sustain a competitive advantage.

Web & App Design

Thanks to technology, human attention span is at its lowest ever – at 8 seconds! Whether you need a standalone app or website design or revisions to an existing one, I can help you grab and keep the attention of your users with a powerful user experience.

Web Development

Taking a visual prototype (whether you designed it or I did) and building it into a tangible and powerful platform to enhance the goals of your brand while fostering an engaging atmosphere with your users.

SEO & Digital Marketing

With over 1,800,000,000 websites on the web and 5.6 billion Google searches per day, getting found in this very large and complex digital landscape is not easy. With years of experience getting found in a crowded sea of competition, I can help you.

Project Management

My experience with everything else (web/mobile design/development) would not have been possible if I didn’t have the extensive experience as a technical project manager. On organization is only successful when a phenomenal team and impactful projects are intertwined and executed properly. That’s what I’m here for.


A true passion of mine, I’ve written hundreds of articles encompassing myriad topics such as IoT, blockchain, finance, business, tech startups, fashion, nutrition, travel, seo & marketing, and of course, a slew of other thought-provoking categories stuck in my head.

Confessions of an Insecure Entrepreneur

My latest venture and probably my best and most important project to date. Confessions of an Insecure Entrepreneur is a podcast highlighting the brutal realities of entrepreneurship. Social media and fabricated overnight success stories of individuals “changing the world” have glamorized entrepreneurship – depicting it as rainbows and butterflies and unicorns and cotton candy but it’s nothing like that. In fact, it’s the complete opposite about 99% of the time – you work longer hours than everybody else you know, often for free until you make money or raise funds; you constantly encounter setbacks and roadblocks, sometimes full out failures; youโ€™re pulled every which direction on a tumultuous roller coaster; and you do it all by your lonesome self.

With a significant portion of millennials wanting to be an entrepreneur as opposed to working up the “secure” corporate ladder, I felt obligated to show the true side of this glorious life. Every two weeks, I will take a reality I am going through or have gone through and will have another successful entrepreneur accompany me on each episode to provide a (hopefully) resonating story with tactical strategies to implement. Whether you are an entrepreneur who could learn from the stories, a wantrepreneur who could use the advice, or the average millennial living the struggle life, I hope this podcast serves some use to you – even if its purely for entertainment purposes. So make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for the next episodes.

Who Am I?

A loaded question I’ve spent myriad sleepless nights pondering about. Many of us define who we are by a list of nouns and adjectives – profession titles, skill sets, personality traits, etc. Surely I can list this out as well, but what good would that do? Who I am today is not who I was yesterday and who I am tomorrow is nowhere near who I am today.

You can read more about me, or just meet me in person!

A Smart Shirt That Captures Your Body Measurements

So when you shop online, you know exactly what size to get

We incorporated smart technologies into a product that calculates your precise & accurate body measurements.

By converting your measurements to each retailers’ sizing structure, you can stop guessing between a size Small, a size 6, or a size 34.

Revolutionizing Our Approach to Consuming Clothes

The fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting after oil.

We believe, that empowering people to purchase the right size the first time around, we can all make a pretty big impact on the earth we live in.

Something piqued your interest? Give me a shout!