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Web Design Portfolio

I love people. I love technology. And I love bridging the gap between the two by creating an intuitive, seamless, and beautiful user experience. Check out some of my web design work below!

Featured Project

Website Redesign

Services include: Branding, Marketing & Digital Campaign Strategy, Email Design, Business Development, Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, UX Optimization. 

Featured Project

Website Design, Branding, & Development

Services include: Branding, Marketing & Digital Campaign Strategy, Logo Design & Digital Assets, SEO, UX Optimization, Content Copy, Web Development, Website Design, Email Design, Machine Learning and Automated Python Scripts.

Before & After

Website Transformations are my favorite – out with the old, in with the new! I love working with brands and businesses that already have the wheels in motion, just need a bolt of innovation to reimagine their potential! More case studies coming soon.

Happy Times Cafe

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Capital Trade Finance

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Somer Heller LLP

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Quick Snapshot

A few more snapshots of additional website work.

Other Things I’m Good At

As a self-proclaimed “expert generalist” with an insatiable curiosity, I’ve dabbled with a multitude of things. The brain’s pattern recognition and ability to draw parallels has given me a rather eclectic background that’s kind of all over the map.

Project Management

Technical PM by trade, overseeing teams stretched around the world and implementing technologies such as: RFID, NFC, robotics, and other digital solutions.

Software Development

From web development to TV applications, to wearables to everything in between, I’ve built applications across a slew of platform & devices.

Strategy & Consulting

Having built my own startups, I’ve also consulted other startups and business owners throughout various stages of product development and startup growth.

Suicide Prevention & Addiction Recovery Work

I have extensive professional training and experience in suicide prevention and addiction recovery.

Startup Junkie & Jesus Freak

I’ve built startups (2 in the wearables space). I’ve worked with startups (from education to consumer products to everything in between). I’m addicted to startups.

Writing & Teaching

People say I have a way with words but I have found myself speechless 95% of the time. Peruse my writings and see for yourself.

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