Muon Video


Website Redesign, UX Optimization, Custom Web Development

Muon Video approached me because they wanted a modern spin on their existing site. Creative storytelling and high-quality video production is at the heart of Muon Video. But their existing website didn’t reflect it as such.

A Focus on Mobile

The recipe for their success called for many things but the biggest focus was creating a seamless cross-channel experience. Not only was their old site not mobile-friendly, it was a cumbersome experience to watch videos. With the growing popularity in mobile technology AND the rise in video consumption, Muon Video knew it needed to offer a better mobile experience while accurately reflecting their creative prowess in video production.

The Solution

What Muon wanted was a combination of simplicity with creativity; elegant yet modern; seamless yet visually captivating; and most importantly, functional across all devices.

User Research
Understanding how users currently interact with the site.
Laying out the the best user flow and functionality.
Putting the game plan into action and switching over from Wix to WordPress.
With ongoing monitoring and analysis, I circle back to optimize accordingly.

Ongoing Help

Through open, onest, and direct communication, I trained and educated the team at Muon Video how to use the backend to make updates themselves.

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