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About Me

I think too much

My life is a constant paradox of insufficient skepticism and distorted positivity.

At times, I feel I underutilize the power of skepticism. I don’t question my politicians enough, I don’t fact check the articles I read, and I still take what the weather man says for face value. At other times, I throw my hands in the air and let the powers of entropy and the old man upstairs run it’s course.

As humans, we often take for granted what our mind is capable of achieving. I enjoy disrupting the norm, often solving for problems that don’t exist yet. We’re in the age of information but often choose ignorance as an easy way out. While others are mindlessly Netflix binging, I’m 40 layers deep in Wikipedia pages about Radio Frequency Facial Identification, Ionic Equations, Binary Algorithms, the fall of the Roman Empire, IR Theories, Ideology and pretty much anything else I most likely wouldn’t remember nor use the next day.

I have a problem saying no

After a year spent in Italy, the concept of "perche no" resonated all too well with me.

Learn a fourth language? Yeah, I love languages.
Run for office? Yeah, it’s on the to-do list.
Join a NASA hackathon with zero space knowledge? Yep, I suppose.
Launch a startup? Yeah, there’s about 7 of these in the making and only growing.
Become a DJ? Sure, the equipment will make for a great dust collector.
Become a seasoned veteran in Java, Ruby and Python all at once? I mean, it’s not impossible.
Solve world hunger? Gettin there…

I live for faint recollections

It’s unfortunate everyone lives for tomorrow they forget about today.

Modern computers encode memory as a vast array of independent, digital bits of information that are randomly accessible. The human brain is different. Our memories arent stored at a specific location in a database like a computer, instead it’s stored based on association. Memories are dependent on reinforcement. Whether that’s through repetition, emotional physiological alertness or acute attentiveness, our memories are stored in relation to the event. And unlike a computer’s database, the human brain can hold a lot. Our brains consist of about one billion neurons, each of which form about 1,000 connections to other neurons amounting to more than a trillion connections, meaning, we have a lot of storage space. Life can be scary but no one makes it out alive anyways.

If it’ll make a memory, good, bad, happy or sad, you owe it to yourself to see it through.

Skydiving, scuba diving, motorcycles, hitchhiking, bungee jumping, exploring, marathon running….you name it, I’ve done it. If I haven’t, it’s in the near future…stay tuned.

I live a life without regularity or definite aim

I rarely go a day without eating hot cheetos. I can read 1984 over and over again. I can recite every episode of Friends yet still laugh at every joke in the plot and I have over 25 pairs of boots but continue to wear the same 3.

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